Redshift Builds Secure, Custom Records and Inventory Tracking System for My Egg Bank
My Egg Bank North America (MEB)
Egg donation is a wonderful gift to give to a couple that desires a child and otherwise cannot conceive on their own. MEB provides its patients access to the largest inventory of frozen donor eggs in the world. For most patients, its diverse database of egg donors completely eliminates the 6-9 month matching wait associated with other egg donation programs. The MEB network is comprised of world renowned centers with decades of egg freezing experience and research that led to the development of this proven cutting edge technology.
Implement a donor selection and inventory portal that includes a centralized database for network members to manage donor screening, recipient requests and selection, oocyte characteristics and inventory, cycle workflow / process status, chain of custody, secure communication, and payments.

Clinics within the MEB family needed a centralized solution to various, disparate systems to check inventory, collect / process donor applications, recipient selections, etc. to increase efficiency and harmonize different processes used by each potential unit to manage donor applications / recipient selection, and overall inventory.

With the right solution, MEB could grow its business and onboard more centers, and to lead the practice of donor oocyte treatment and exchange.

The implementation of such a system would be an opportunity to contribute to the growth of MEB around the automation and interconnectivity it would provide.

Solutions provided by Redshift Technologies:
  • Custom enterprise software
  • Technology Consulting
  • 24/7 Support
  • Systems Integration
  • Centralized repository for shared functions
  • Constant use
  • Automate redundant processes
  • Reduced workload
  • Secure communications
Results over the last three years:
  • Elimination of legacy inferior systems
  • Increase in security
  • Scalable system for use by all constituents
  • Access to all data anytime, anywhere
  • Reduction of redundant data entry
  • Reduce risk
Selected for technology, domain expertise and customization
MEB selected Redshift for its expertise in developing best-in-class custom data gathering and analysis solutions, and its experience with curation and harmonization of disparate data and data sources. An additional important factor was Redshift’s familiarity with infertility and ability to collaborate with MEB’s leading physicians and experienced staff to build a completely custom, enterprise-wide management tool.
The MEB Donor Management System (DMS)

MEB needed a go-to system, securely available on the web, for its members to centrally track everything from the donor application process, to the donor freezing and inventory details, to the collection and handling of recipient orders, to shipments, to outcome tracking – all with the ability to run quality assurance and various reports at every step of the way to ensure quality, security, and validity of every fragment of data.

Redshift worked closely with MEB’s expert physicians and experienced staff to understand MEB’s entire business model, logistics, internal practices, and user behavior to develop a custom system that MEB uses as its mission-critical management system. As MEB grew, the system allowed existing staff to keep pace with an ever-increasing workload, and helped to mitigate security risks that are always associated with health data.

The DMS’s centralized database of all information relating to MEB’s primary functions allows its geographically disparate facilities and staff to all share a single experience and knowledge system. No longer do strings of disconnected emails or worksheets need to be exchanged as all parties can enter and access data in real time. Reporting can more easily be accomplished because data validation and integrity rules are baked in.

Easy-to-use dashboards provide sensible to-do lists such that a single click directs users to complete all the work they need to accomplish in the system with little to no training at all.

An enterprise scale, completely unique, secure system for a multi-center consortium of users to coordinate the data collection, asset tracking, and workflow for MEB.
  • Allow clinics to manage, track and share inventory details about donor eggs, characteristics of those eggs and treatment details, and demographic details of donors and recipients, within the network.
  • Track chain of custody from one clinic to another.
  • Provide this tracking and management within a secure yet available environment to facilitate communication about eggs, donors, and recipients while maintaining security.
  • Import legacy and active inventory data before the system went live.
  • Build tools for clinics and patients to communicate within a secure, centralized platform
  • Collect outcome data from clinics
Increased capacity, lower risk, knowledge gained
  • Automated human resource intensive processes
  • Remote access to data, 24/7
  • Reduced workload
  • Fewer data errors
  • Enhanced clinic experience
Fine tune practice based on knowledge gained from a wealth of data being curated.
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