Redshift Builds Best in Class Medical Outcomes System for SART
The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART)
SART is the primary organization of professionals dedicated to the practice of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) in the United States. ART includes the practice of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). The mission of the organization is to set up and help maintain the standards for ART in an effort to better serve members and patients.
Enable more than 350 infertility practices to report treatment records, present success rates, and meet CDC regulatory requirements.

SART needed to build a robust, secure, and widely available medical outcomes registry system for its member clinics. The system needed to move beyond compliance – this required value-added reporting tools, automated imports and exports, and audit capabilities to ensure that data was validated during entry, at treatment completion, and at annual reporting intervals.

The Fertility Clinic Success Rate Reporting Act (FCSRA) passed by the U.S. Congress requires all US ART clinics to provide annual treatment details to the CDC. Since SART member clinics are responsible for more than 95% of all ART treatments in the US, the selected vendor needed to not only build systems capable of managing the data but to also help adjust the system to changing practice trends and understand clinic’s challenges.

With the right solution, SART could offer its members not only a method for data collection but meaningful outcomes analysis tools that help physicians make better decisions and increase the safety of ART.

Solutions provided by Redshift Technologies:
  • Medical Outcomes Registry
  • Technology Consulting
  • Prediction Tools
  • Workflow Tools
  • Measure / report success rates
  • Provide feedback to physicians
  • Educate patients
  • Maintain security
Results over the last three years:
  • Overhauled leading edge system with seamless data migration all on-time
  • Research Portal
  • Patient Prediction Model
  • Enhanced brand for SART’s members
  • Increased understanding of outcomes and trends
  • Facilitate better treatment decisions
  • Drove improved success rates and reduced adverse events
"Redshift has been an invaluable member of our team for more than 10 years now. They understand our practice, build what we need, and execute every time. We've come to depend on them, and they are dependable!"
Jim Toner, MD
2015 President of SART
Selected for technology, domain expertise and customization
SART selected Redshift for its expertise in developing best-in-class custom data gathering and analysis solutions, and its experience with curation and harmonization of disparate data and data sources. An additional important factor was Redshift’s ability to learn the science of infertility and serve as the translator between and facilitator of the Society’s vision and a working, technical solution.
SART Clinic Outcome Reporting System (CORS)

Redshift worked closely with SART’s expert physicians to understand treatment types and algorithms as well as the nature of the outcomes. Based on that knowledge, Redshift designed and built a system for data collection. The CDC's Division of Reproductive Health, together with SART, reviewed and approved the system. The first version of SART CORS was coded, tested, documented and distributed to over 300 US infertility practices.

As the evolution of the Internet prompted more incentive to move towards hosted/cloud-based models, new patient-centric privacy legislation such as HIPAA and HITECH added challenges to efforts that could leverage the cloud’s superior availability and compatibility for secure medical systems. Redshift designed custom encryption routines to satisfy security concerns and deployed SART’s first web-based registry. This registry significantly increased the ability of SART member clinic’s to report and review data while simultaneously reducing the reporting interval for current metrics for its clinics on the web.

Redshift continues to upgrade and enhance SART CORS. Today, clinics login to a new SART CORS on the leading edge in outcomes registries using any computer with a web connection. Users can send data directly from their EMR or input data into user-friendly forms that dynamically adjust to only show relevant fields as more is gleaned about the treatment being entered. Multiple output and audit reports are used to ensure the data is correct down to every reported metric, and clinics can compare themselves to the national aggregate report based on a set of data that the clinic can select – a customizable reporting engine – right in the system.

Redshift also designed and built a Research Portal for SART to manage both the labor-intensive process of application review, comment, approvals and rejections, and the member clinic’s ability to use simple forms to collect complex datasets – without any programming or technical experience.

Already regarded as the best infertility registry in the world, SART turned its attention to better helping patients understand their personal chances of success using prediction models. Redshift designed and delivered a cutting edge tool to allow patients to obtain a preliminary assessment of their individual prospects for success with IVF treatment. The Predictor, which is completely free for patients to use, employs an algorithm developed by researchers in the field that leverages SART’s now extensive outcomes database which contains data on more than a million treatment cycles.

Accurate, Flexible, Available, and Secure Medical Outcomes and Aggregation to Improve Patient Health
  • SART has been collecting outcomes data on ART treatments in the USA since 1987 as part of its mission to improve patient care. New tools such as the Patient Predictor allow patients to harness the data's power directly and specifically for themselves.
  • The system allows imports from any electronic medical records system with expansive error reporting and distinguishes when new treatments are being sent vs existing treatments being updated.
  • Redshift adjusts the system on an annual basis to keep up with those changes required by law and those needed to keep pace with practice patterns.
  • Redshift learns and speaks your language: employees have been co-authors on various research publications including the New England Journal of Medicine and Fertility and Sterility.
  • Annual Quality Assurance audits are provided to SART by Redshift to help increase safety and efficacy and reduce overall risk.
  • Unlimited, free support is provided to more than 1000 users across the country by trained, experienced Redshift personnel who understand both infertility treatments and technology.
Better outcomes, safer treatments, patient education
  • Measuring success in more and more ways
  • Benchmarking adverse outcomes to ensure highest quality
  • Tailored reporting tools allow clinics to slice and dice data in any way needed
  • Patient-friendly reporting and supporting materials add value to in-person patient-physician encounters
  • Multiples rates reductions across all categories, pregnancy, implantation and live birth rates increases across all categories.
SART looks ahead to consider global impacts and involvement, new prediction and decision support tools for its physician members, more in-depth quality assurance, more seamless interfaces that require almost no human interaction, and updated, increasingly equitable output reports that reflect changing practice.
At Redshift, we take on challenging and interesting projects that impact human lives and the environment.